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Favorite Photos  Most of these photos were taken during periods of street photography in California, Italy and Mexico.  Some are from  the projects listed below.  I plan to add more photos each spring and fall.


Short Stories  Each story is told with a sequence of photos   –without words.  

Smaller Projects  Projects entitled While Waiting, and Volleyball/Dance are here now. Faces Are Distracting is coming soon.

Orange County Housecleaners  These photos and text are selections from a book made up of the life stories of seven women who worked cleaning houses in southern California.  It was published in 2006.

Mexican Maya Community  Photos of life the in  Zinacantan, Chiapas, Mexico.  Another Place, a book including all these photos, was published in 1974.

Hill Town in Southern Italy  Photos taken in Lacedonia, Avellino in 1957.  (This gallery is under construction.  I plan to add more photos.)

Favorite Photos
Short Stories
Small Projects